Fort Worth Irrigation Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions here at our Fort Worth irrigation repair team. Most of the time the answers are case specific, but there are some general questions that we can answer right here. Scroll down and see if we've got your answer - if not, give us a call and talk to a professional tech right now!

What You're Wondering About Fort Worth Irrigation Repair

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

water your lawn deeply once a week to promote deep root growthIn Fort Worth you need to water your lawn about once a week. Grass needs around an inch of water a week to maintain a plush green. Although you may want to water more, this can lead to fungal diseases. When Fort Worth temperatures are expected to reach over 100 degrees a second watering per week may be necessary to combat water loss due to evaporation (but only if restrictions allow it).

What Time Of Day Is Best To Water Your Lawn?

it is best to set your Texas sprinkler heads to pop up to spray between 6 and 8 amThe best time to water your lawn is between 4 am and 6 am. This both conserves water by preventing evaporation from claiming it and provides a good, healthy start to the daily growth cycle. The sun hasn't had time to raise the ground temperature so the water will be able to leach down into the soil where the plants take it in at the roots. A well hydrated lawn will be much more likely to survive the hot and dry conditions during the Texas summer.

Is There a “Right” Way to Water Your Lawn?

spray nozzles come in several styles to meet your unique needsA professionally installed sprinkler system is the best way to get even coverage over your lawn. It is also the most efficient watering technique.

How Does My Sprinkler Know When to Turn On?

a system controller allows you to set your system and forget itYour sprinkler system comes with a controller module. It can be programmed to turn the sprinkler on and off at set times during the week. You determine the length of the watering as well as the time of day. Controllers should be hooked to rain sensors that will automatically bypass the scheduled watering cycle if it is not necessary.

What Is a Rain Sensor?

our Fort Worth Irrigation repair team installs rain sensorsA rain sensor is a small disk that swells in the presence of water and shrinks as it dries out. When the disk swells it closes off the sprinkler valves and triggers a mechanism that prevents the controller from operating. This sensor will also prevent over watering when there has been a light amount of rain in the same manner.